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Jun 30, 2016 How to Have a Functioning School Without Zerbu's Go To School Mod I'm a big fan of @zerbu's Go To School mod, however, the mod needs to 

Lakeside High School - Fully Functional! Yes, you read that right. This is a functioning high school for teens! Thanks to Zerbu's Go to School and Venue Changes mods, your children and teens can go to school, and you can join them! Anything and everything you want to know about these mods is available by clicking HERE, or on the link in the credits below. It is highly recommended that you read

Zerbu's mods and Get to Work are essential in order for you to follow your teens to school, and this lot won't work without them. --The mods also 

Mod The Sims - Someone could update Zerbu's … Mod The Sims > Modding and Creation > Sims 4 Creation > Modding Discussion > Someone could update Zerbu's Turbo Careers and Go to School Mod? PDA. View Full Version : Someone could update Zerbu's Turbo Careers and Go to School Mod? himawara106. 14th Jan 2017, 12:00 PM. One of the most useful mods for me and surely many others are the ones from Zerbu: Turbo careers and Go to School Turbo Zerbu's Go To School Mod - Help? : thesims - reddit Zerbu's Go To School Mod - Help? Sims 4. I saw a few posts here about it, but nothing they suggested helped me or had my issues. Maybe you guys can? I have the most current V4 as linked from his tumblr from his OneDrive as of May 2017. It contains multiple packages & a .ts4script that I unzipped and a .py file that I left zipped. I also tried the version on his Community site that only has GREGORY MCCAINE HIGH SCHOOL (2 LOT DL) These lots are made for storytellers, therefore it is not compatible with Zerbu’s Go To School Mod. There are over 88 new objects converted by me as well as CC from other creators whom I thank graciously for! This mod is split into 4 different zip files (Tray files, My CC Files, & Other CC Files, Football Field Files)

Go to School / Get to College Mods - Request & Find … 08/07/2019 · I've never done it, but Zerbu's Go To School let's you play as a teacher. There are requirements you need to do first. I believe that information is on the mod page. Best Sims 4 mods to tweak and improve your game, … Well, with the As long as you've got the Get to Work Sims 4 expansion, you can download Zerbu's Go to School mod that means you can actually follow your children to school and help them achieve Around the Sims 4 | More School furniture and …

SAN MYSHUNO HIGH SCHOOL (TS4 COMMUNITY LOT - NO CC) You can use this lot with Zerbu's Go to School Mod, but you will have to setup it first  Go to school mod? Is anyone currently using it? Zerbu says it's updated but I can't change the high school option on the venue list says (old)  May 24, 2019 Well, with the As long as you've got the Get to Work Sims 4 expansion, you can download Zerbu's Go to School mod that means you can  The Sims 4 Go to School Mod Pack V4 - Zerbu 05/05/2017 · The Sims 4 Go to School Mod Pack was first released on May 2015 and offered a simple event where Child and Teen Sims would go to school and complete goals which would boost their grade. This new version vastly … Zerbu

Zerbu's Go to School mod pack issues - Answer HQ

The Sims 4 Go to School Mod Pack - Sims Online - Care - Skin care , beauty ideas and skin care tips Unisex Toddler Jogger set for The Sims 4 Bored with your typical Sims 4 game play? Big Brother in the Sims? your little Sims during their school day! If you ever wanted to go to school with your little Sims, … Tops: -The Sims 2 / AF Cropped Turtleneck / 4 colors -The Sims 2 / AF Cherry Sweater [SIMS4再構築#4]学校MOD解説と計画変更について … ①Zerbu – Go to School Mod Pack V2.package; ②Zerbu – Venue List Mod.package ※このファイルがないと新区画に対応しません。 ③Zerbu – Student Generator.package; MODを入れるとどうなるか. ①登校時間になると一人で行くか、一緒に行くか聞かれる。 ②一緒に行くと作った学校でのシムを操作出来る。 … Around the Sims 4 | Custom Content Download | … Inspired by Zerbu's wonderful "Go to School" mod! | Inspiré du génialissime mod de Zerbu "Go to School"! Donators' Privilege: Download the whole set in one click | Privilège des Donateurs: Téléchargement du set en un clic All the files of the set can be downloaded for free below, one by one.. | Tous les fichiers du set peuvent être téléchargés gratuitement un par un ci-dessous. Spring4Sims | High School for The Sims 4 Wonderful anime inspired high School for The Sims 4 by The Homeless Sims. Come fully equipped with classrooms, locker room, science room, computer room, cafeteria, tennis court, basketball hall, infirmary, headmaster office, school yard and much more. Please note that you will need the Zerbu’s Go To School Mod for this build to work.

Elementary designed (and tested) to work with Zerbu’s GTS mod. Uses base game, GTW, and CL pack content. Only CC used is the items for the mod and the Toilet Stall Door by Menaceman44 via MTS. Make sure to have move objects on before adding to lot. Works best in Newcrest. zerbu gts go to school elementary school

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